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jerry holding his dogs

Jerry Den Herder – One Year Later

“Hello! This is Jerry Den Herder calling, just checking in on Sam.” “How’s our puppy doin’?” “I’m tickled pink to hear that. You keep me posted!” “Super. Excellent. Wonderful.” It’s… Read more

Veterinarian listening to dog heart

Local Dog With Unusual Heart Problem

We had an unusual case come through the hospital recently. Unusual in that we don’t see dogs with heart block very often and unusual because of the medical technology involved…. Read more

dog scratching on ground

Why Is My Dog Scratching?

That can be the $64,000 question for pet owners and veterinarians alike. Dog Scratching? 4 Common Itch Factors Is it fleas or mange (yikes!)? Fortunately, both are treatable. If you… Read more

adult flea on skin

O.M.G. Is That a Flea?

Does My Dog Have Fleas? We certainly hope your dog or cat does not have fleas, but how can you tell? Finding adult fleas is harder than you think. They… Read more

Doggie Dip Tips

  This time of year marks the end-of-summer ritual when the area swimming pools close (sniff, sniff) for the season. Many pools open their doors for some canine craziness called a… Read more

cat hiding in leaves

My Pet Is Lost!

What To Do When Your Pet Is Lost “Missing Cat, Please Help!” I glanced at the post. The sweet, grey face of Elizabeth stared out from the screen. I didn’t… Read more

close up of 3 ticks

Did You Check for Ticks Today?

One of our staff, Kacie Wagner, is going through a scary time with her two-month-old son, Jett. She asked us to share her story in hopes of educating others to… Read more