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Tortoises in a field

Do Tortoises Make Good Pets?

by Rachel Shadle May 23rd is marked in my calendar for a not-so-typical reason. It’s World Turtle Day! Truth be told, my passion is for the tortoise. [Brief side note:… Read more

Lucky the Foster Cat

Lucky Needs a Permanent Home

Meet Lucky Lucky was found by our groomer, Deb, outside her mom’s house. We have been fostering him for a while now and Lucky needs a permanent home! Why You… Read more

Wes and Chloe waiting for bus

This Is Why

Dear Pet Owners, I didn’t always know I wanted to be a veterinarian. Growing up, I worked in my grandparents’ meat locker in Rowley, Iowa. The state meat inspector was… Read more

young boy and dog

Dog Bite Prevention

Dog Bite Prevention Week Truthfully, every day needs to be about dog bite prevention. Surprising Stats Most dog bites occur during every day activities and with familiar dogs. Children are… Read more

Anna the Gordon Setter

Anna Finds a Home

Anna the Gordon Setter A few weeks ago we posted a video to find Anna the Gordon Setter a new home. She had a bit of a run in with… Read more