Dental Care

Pets Need Dental Care!

Would you go for years without brushing your teeth or having them professionally cleaned? We didn’t think so! Your dog or cat is no different.

While they may not be able to tell you their mouth is in trouble, your pet can experience significant health problems from poor oral health. We encourage you to learn how you can care for your pet’s teeth at home to prevent issues down the road. The Tooth Brushing 101 Handout will offer you some tips, and our video can show you how easy it is. When the time comes for a professional cleaning, we are happy to help.

Consider a Professional Cleaning

We recommend a professional cleaning for most pets depending on their age and overall health status. Because we put your pet under general anesthesia for the cleaning, we take the same safety precautions as we do with a surgery, making sure every risk has been minimized.

After your pet is sedated, a thorough dental examination is performed. Teeth are cleaned and polished, and a sealant is applied to help prevent plaque buildup. Your pet will wake up in our surgical ward and be monitored carefully. Once fully awake, you can take him home that same day, usually later in the afternoon.

Because the mouth contains quite a bit of bacteria, we send you home with a dental antibiotic as a precaution against infection. Pain medication can also be prescribed if the cleaning was extensive or if any teeth were pulled. We do recommend you soften your pet’s food for a few feedings just to give him a little TLC.