Preventive Care

Grounded in Preventive Care

Did you know your pet can tolerate up to 100 times more pain than a human before acting sick? This means we want to find out what could be wrong prior to your pet showing symptoms. At Den Herder Veterinary Hospital, we have effective ways to detect signs of illness early so we can treat your pet before it becomes something more serious. Preventing problems is easier, more cost-effective and simply a better choice for you and your pet.

We recommend twice-yearly preventive health exams, appropriate vaccinations tailored to your pet’s lifestyle, monthly heartworm and parasite prevention, preventive blood and urine testing for age-appropriate patients, and specific care for senior patients. Check out the resources below for more information on preventive pet care:

Preventive Services

The preventive health exam

Are those ears clean? Are the tonsils swollen? Is the abdomen tender? And everyone’s favorite—let’s empty those anal glands! A head-to-tail physical provides the doctor with a wealth of information about your pet.

Behavioral consultation

The bond you have with your pet is priceless, but from time to time our furry friends can be furry enemies. If you are having difficulties getting along, let us help clear the air and get you back on the same page.

New puppy or kitten

What could be cuter than a little wriggling ball of fur you can hold in your hand? The only thing better is knowing what to do and how to care for the newest member of your family. Our staff is happy to answer any questions you have on this energetic stage of the lifespan. Reference our popular Hand Feeding and Positive Reinforcement for Dogs, Hand Feeding for Cats, and Housebreaking Handbook.


Why risk your pet contracting a preventable disease? We use the safest vaccinations on the market. We have had very few negative reactions to these vaccines and always take your pet’s health into consideration before giving any vaccination.

Heartworm, flea, tick and other parasite prevention

For our canine companions, we recommend monthly heartworm medication year-round. Yes, we realize we live in Iowa and there are no mosquitos here in the dead of winter, but the heartworm pill you give each month also contains a deworming agent. This protects against a variety of parasites that your pet can get year-round (even if those little “treats” in the yard are frozen, the eggs from parasites can still be alive!). Learn more on parasites and prevention, and keep your pet safe!

Diet and nutrition

What you feed your pet matters. You wouldn’t eat a steady diet of high-fat, high-sugar, poor-quality foods, and neither should your pet. We work with you to recommend a diet best tailored to your pet’s needs throughout the lifespan. There is a lot of controversy on what food is best. Let us help you sort through the confusion.