We live on a farm and have many furry and fuzzy creatures roaming around, but our dogs have always been part of the family. We didn’t really have a “vet preference”, just took them somewhere close for shots and basics, until our chocolate lab started falling apart. Nick get to know Tom at the gym, and Tom offered to take a look at our Topher. From the first appointment, we were so impressed with the caring staff, and their genuine understanding of a families love for our pup! We recently lost our faithful friend after his long failing health. The day we walked into Den Herder with Topher for the last time, we were met with sympathy and a warm kindness that was unlike any experience we have ever had at a traditional veterinary office. We were given not only time in the office to grieve, but also comfort and a hand on our shoulders. In the weeks following, we have received letters, tokens to keep the memory of our dog, and cards from the staff that have brought us such a great deal of appreciation that they TRULY cared about US (and our Topher) not our “business”. In fact, it felt as though the “business” was the furthest care from the staff, they just wanted to comfort and appreciate us and our loved pet. We have been to many DVM’s in our 15 years as pet owners, but never (NEVER) have we received the care and grace that was offered to us at Den Herder. We have found our “home” for all of our future veterinary care, and can confidently say that this place cares for EVERY member of our family.

– Nick and Kristle D., and "Topher", RIP

For exceptional care of your pet, I highly recommend Den Herder Veterinary Hospital! Pets and their owners are treated like family, with kindness and compassion, by the vets and all staff members. I have always wished I could get my medical care there, because there is a service orientation that gives confidence and reassurance to the patient. They are the greatest!”

– With sincerity and appreciation, Carol F. and “Paddy”

I have gone to Den Herder Veterinary Hospital for many years. Thank you to Tom and Lori for taking care of all my vet needs; to Debbie, my groomer (who lives in fear for her life for an hour!); and to the ladies at the front desk for being so helpful. I would rate you all an A+.”

– Scott E. and “Pasha”

Den Herder Veterinary Hospital has taken care of our family’s pets for years. Some of the words to describe their staff are professional, friendly, respectful and trustworthy. The vets are very experienced, knowledgeable and caring. They are excellent at communicating, whether it is explaining your pet’s health or just a followup call for an update on your pet’s condition. They understand that your pet is part of your family and treat you and your pet with respect and compassion. We wouldn’t take our pets anywhere else!”

– Bruce and Ann E. and “Payton and Wrigley”

I have been a client at Den Herder Veterinary Hospital for 15 years. I could write 50 pages on why I love everyone there. From my first visit back in 1996, my animals from chinchillas to parrots to dogs and cats have been cared for with the utmost respect, love and knowledge by Jerry, Lori and Tom. The staff, from the kennels, groomer and assistants to the front desk, are friendly, helpful and personable. Whether it is an emergency or just a simple question, they offer helpful and supportive answers. Everyone at the hospital goes above and beyond. They make you feel like family. We sincerely thank everyone there!”

– Vicki B. and “Binki and Bebe” (parrots), “Biscuit and Noodles” (dogs) and “Eclipse” (cat)

In today’s hectic world, sometimes the personal touch gets lost. This is definitely not the case at Den Herder Veterinary Hospital. All the doctors and staff are knowledgeable, dedicated, friendly and very caring. I have known Jerry Den Herder for over 35 years, and in that time I have experienced many unique, complicated and challenging situations with my pets. It is reassuring to know that help is only a phone call away and that someone will always be available. The people at Den Herder are more than just acquaintances; they are like family!”

– Carole K. and many, many wonderful feline friends

Although I’ve not known Jerry for a very long time, he, Tom and Lori immediately became part of my family. I’ve experienced a lot with pets over the years, and until now my experience with veterinarians has been pretty much the same—the minimum amount of care with no sense of personal connection. A friend recommended Den Herder Veterinary Hospital when I had a pet with a terminal illness that other doctors thought I was wasting my time on. They helped me keep my pet healthy and happy for several more years. I’ve had the pleasure of working with all three doctors at various times and consistently received the same superb care, concern and compassion.”

– Debra U. and “Beau and Sidney”

We have three dogs (we call them babies) in our home. We chose Den Herder on a recommendation from friends at work, the same way we did our kids’ doctor, and I am so thankful we did. Over the last 10 years as patients of theirs, the stories are a mile long.

On a Sunday morning our nine-year-old lab couldn’t quit coughing and wheezing. It had started at 4 a.m. and didn’t stop. At 8 a.m. I called the emergency number, left my information and Dr. Tom called me back within minutes. I told him how she had been coughing the last four hours almost nonstop. He said he just left there, but is turning around now and will meet us there. We were shocked—a Sunday morning and he wants to see her? He was there waiting when we arrived some 15 minutes later. It ended up she had bronchitis. She was given a shot of antibiotic, we were given some to take home and she was already on her way to healing that Sunday morning. We’re always grateful for the great care and really friendly staff, plus they always greet the dogs by name when we walk in!

– Rob and Jill L. and “Murphy, Reilly and Samson”

Den Herder has been wonderful with all my animals. I am a former veterinary technician and have dogs and cats with both behavioral and medical problems. They have treated my greyhound’s ongoing autoimmune disease and have helped her through some tough times. She is doing well and just turned 11! My Spanish greyhound has severe storm phobia and sustained an injury during a storm when I was out of town. He was brought to Den Herder for emergency surgery. Though I wasn’t present, I was confident he would get the best care possible. His injury was severe, but he only has minor scars now, and Den Herder has helped me get his storm phobia under better control. The staff at Den Herder is always wonderful to work with, and they really work hard to ensure the best care for my pets in an emergency or for routine care.

– Amanda S. and “Cedric, Kailie, Marigold, Berlioz, Goblin, Sepia and Toulouse”

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