A Tribute To Tank

Amanda wrote to us (we have her permission to share this) and we thought it would be something our readers could connect to. She writes so beautifully about her beloved pugle, Tank. We think you’ll immediately feel that bond—that bond we all share with our pets.

First, here’s what Amanda shared about her experience writing the tribute.

“I was searching for a file on my computer today and came across my “Tank” folder. I had created it this summer when we knew his time with us was coming to a close.

I was inspired by the blog post you had written about your sweet Kenzie. At the time, it was impossible getting through your post, but I knew when I was ready, I wanted to do the same. I was encouraged by your opening line to maybe do the same, create a tribute to our beloved pet.

It has only been 5 months… and I didn’t realize it would still be this hard. I hope to be able to add more to it later – but wanted to share with you, so you can see how special he was to us.

I wish you could have known Tank longer – but I know you noticed how awesome he was. Luke and I just want you to know how extremely grateful we were to have you walk us through the end. We appreciate how peaceful the end was able to be for him. Surrounded by all of us, and outside, his favorite spot! <3

Thank you again! And feel free to share our experience with other clients if you’d like.”

We are so touched she would share this with us–and then be willing to share it with you all!

Here is Amanda’s letter to Tank. This is something we encourage all our readers to do. And to share your story, whether with us or family or just yourself. It really is a wonderful tribute and something to bring needed emotional closure when the time is right.

Our Dearest Tank

Most people would say, “you’re crazy”. What a terrible time to get a dog! Do you have any idea what type of responsibility that will be? Not to mention…. One of you is very unwell and living in a hospital. The other is still in college, trying to finish a degree! It was certainly not the ‘ideal’ time. We were young and spontaneous…and definitely did not really think it through.

Little did we know, we needed you. You were the cutest thing we ever saw, and we instantly connected. We had no idea what this decision would mean for us, and how much you would mean to our {future} family. You got us through some really, really tough times.

Tank and LukeYou and I would go wait in this little courtyard outside of the hospital to visit Luke. Sometimes, it was the highlight of his day – you noticing him and running up to him. You were so sweet!! And all of the times at the Rochester house…when Luke needed to rest. You would just lay there with him and give the best cuddles. What puppy does that?

You were never a wild puppy. You were a light to us. In such a sad, and hard time. We loved going for walks near our little apartment, and sometimes, the dog park. You made lots of car trips with me from Cedar Falls to Rochester – such a good travel companion.

Next we moved to Colorado! You had the time of your life living in the mountains. Jumping through that deep snow, and catching snowballs when we would throw them to you! I think it was here that you and Bella really became the best of friends.

Then the time came…you were going to have to take the ‘number 2’ spot. Lily was on her way! And once again, you showed that you were the sweetest pup, and watched over her like a hawk. Always laying by her, concerned when she cried, you guys were buds from the start. Not to mention how sweet you were to me. You knew I had a lot on my plate, and you helped keep me sane. Taking care of Luke, and also adjusting to a newborn…you were my constant, my rock.

Fast forward 6 years, and you would still be Lily’s protector. The one who made her comfortable enough to sleep in her own bed. I know at first you didn’t want to… you preferred our bed. But you did it, because we asked. And she loved you so much for it.

Once again–you helped us greet another family member, Asher! Now you were a few years older, and your beard was getting gray…but you loved and protected him too. As Asher got older, you two spent a lot of time together outside. Moving to the country was the best thing that happened to you both! “My outdoor boys” I would always say. Asher helps all of us, reminding us not to be sad, because you are in heaven now.

My dad (Grampa Kinney) described you best. The “Strong, Silent” one. You were so strong for all of us, through all life had thrown our way. And silent. Always silent, unless Bella encouraged you to do your signature howl.

One of your most notable, adorable habits started early on. Any time we would get home, you would immediately come greet us at the door and grab a shoe to carry around. Never harming the shoe. Just softly carrying it. It was SO cute!

It will be impossible to ever love a dog as much as you. None will ever compare.

I hope you knew how much you were loved.

Amanda and Luke Moore