Anna Finds a Home

Anna the Gordon Setter

A few weeks ago we posted a video to find Anna the Gordon Setter a new home. She had a bit of a run in with her housemate dog over a bone. Her owners, after careful thought, decided she would fit better in a home without other dogs.

Anna the Gordon SetterEnter Den Herder Vet

We understood the difficult decision her former owners made. To help them, and Anna, we took her in and worked to find her a home. There was just something about her that told us she is a diamond in the rough.

Our Facebook video had lots of interest, but no takers. And she needed to be in a home with no other dogs which makes placing her more challenging. Through the sharing of Anna’s post, we were connected with the Gordon Setter Club of America.

Thank You GSCA

The Gordon Setter Club via their Facebook page shared our post about Anna. One benefit of working with a breed-specific rescue group, like GSCA, is their knowledge of the breed. This is helpful in placing dogs that might be high energy, high maintenance, or have some type of special need. They know what their breed needs and so do their members.

Found a Match!

Last week we were contacted by a seasoned Gordon Setter owner who currently had no other dogs in the home. After talking with her, discussing Anna’s situation, sharing pictures and video, (and yes, we did check her references), this wonderful person said “Yes!” to Anna. One of our staff agreed to drive half way and got to witness the beginning of a wonderful relationship!

How Is Anna Doing?

We received a wonderful report on Anna just a day or so ago. Her new mom had this to say about Anna.

“Thank you so much for this wonderful dog!! She is so sweet. She has calmed down and loves running in the back yard. After exploring the yard she sat down and sniffed the air  turning her head back and forth like a radar dish just catching every scent. She loves to stay close and seems to wait for the next job.

I don’t think she likes her food. She gets dry food, but it is always available. So happy she is mine and she is home. I have never seen such an intelligent dog.  I think she is a keeper.”

Lessons Learned

Not every dog (or cat) is a good fit in every home. And that does NOT mean the first home did something wrong. In this case, the owners had a tough decision and made the best one for their family at the time. We respect that.

Aggression should not be ignored. Each incident needs to be examined in context and through a wide lens. The pet should be evaluated carefully and placement given much thought in terms of what could work.

Explore all avenues. Keep trying. Use the power of the internet for good (for once!) and connect the right people with the right pets.

Trust your gut. We don’t know everything, but we’ve worked with a lot of dogs over the years. We felt there was something special about Anna. We wanted to give her another chance.

And we are glad we did! Now she has a place to shine and call home for many years to come.