Ear Mites

Good news—humans can’t get these from pets. Bad news—ear mites are common especially in puppies and kittens. Back to good news—ear mites are easily treatable with a little cleaning and a one-time medication in the ear canal.

What to look for

You won’t see the ear mites themselves with the naked eye. But you can see them under a microscope. Check out this video. Got an itch now?!?

What you will notice is your pet scratching the ears. Look for darker brown, waxy discharge as well. The ear itself may be a bit pink/red and sometimes they may be sore to the touch (they’ll flinch or make a little noise).

Ear mites do need treatment otherwise they can cause infections and thickening of the ear canal. Our younger pet friends often pick up ear mites from being in close quarters with an infected litter mate or from bedding (pillows, towels) that has mites.

Kinda gross, but treatable.