More Good News on Jerry Den Herder

January 26, 2017

It’s been a while since we’ve updated you on Jerry. We spoke recently with Ronda, his wife, and she shared a bit about the progress he is making. We hope to share another picture soon, but…sorry Jerry, this is too cute not to share. He hasn’t been able to have a haircut since all this happened!

If you know Jerry, fastidious is his middle name. We can only imagine the fits he is having over his hair. Ronda said a haircut is now on the schedule, then the picture.

Where Is He Now?

He has left the Mayo rehabilitation unit at the main campus. He had been at Mayo from December 8th when this all started until January 4, 2017. He is now at an in-patient rehab facility in Cannon Falls, about 40 minutes from Rochester.

Cannon Falls is a small satellite unit of the Mayo Hospital with about 15 in-patient rooms. Jerry and Ronda both have talked positively about the care and treatment he is getting. Even though it isn’t home, they both think the place is very nice.

How Is He Doing?

Days are spent doing PT, OT and more PT and more OT! But—progress is consistent. Ronda shared that he is able to walk with a quad cane and minimal support from the physical therapist. His right leg gets stronger and “remembers” more each day.

Jerry’s right arm went from nothing to quite something! He is able to bend at the elbow now. His right hand has progressed from grabbing a tissue to holding on to the tissue. This week he is able to wet and squeeze the water out of a washcloth and lift it to his face.

What Is Next?

He doesn’t have a release date from Cannon Falls. He is able to stay there for in-patient therapy as long as he continues to make progress. Knowing Jerry, he’ll go from Cannon Falls to running marathons!

After Cannon Falls, the plan is for him to stay at their condo in Lake City, only about 20 minutes from Rochester. He will be able to do the needed outpatient rehab on the main Mayo campus this way.

Incredible Outpouring of Support

As staff, we are his work family, his home away from home. To say the past six weeks have been normal would be a lie. Having someone, who literally and figuratively is Den Herder Veterinary Hospital, not be in the office on a daily basis has been odd.

We also imagine Jerry struggles with this, too. There are very few days out of the last 40 years that he has not set foot in the office. Days off, weekends even—unless he is out of town he stops in daily. He hasn’t since December 8th.

And we miss that. We miss him.

One good thing from all this is seeing the outpouring of love and prayers for Jerry and his family. We’ve always known he was a special human being, but to hear it repeatedly warms the heart. Each week we send him so many cards, notes, and emails, they barely fit into a brown manila envelope!

Faith in God

Jerry and Ronda have tremendous faith in God. They both remark how incredibly well He is taking care of them through each of you. We know Jerry and Ronda are so very thankful and grateful for your support.

We are, too.

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