How to Care for Injured Wildlife

Sometimes our modern life interferes with nature’s wild inhabitants.  If you find an injured wildlife, instructions for what to do are below.  While we want to help, we ask that you contact the Wildlife group, not our office, for the fastest response.  We are not able to pick up injured wildlife on your behalf.  We thank you for your concern for all of God’s creatures big and small.

What to Do If You Find Injured Wildlife:

  1. Keep the animal in a dark, quiet place and DO NOT feed or water the animal.
  2. Call the Black Hawk Wildlife Rehabilitation Project Hotline at 319-277-6511. Leave a message on this line and a licensed rehabber will contact you.
  3. Do not attempt to care for the animal. It is Illegal to house a wild animal without a license.
  4. If it is a baby bird put it back in the nest, if possible. The mother WILL come back for it, even if you have touched it.
  5. If it is a baby rabbit, read here what to do with the baby bunnies.

Black Hawk Wildlife Rehabilitation Project has more information and is a great group for you to support.