Who Are We Fawning Over?

Oh, Deer!

Dr. Lori Cherney is the volunteer vet for the Black Hawk Wildlife Rehabilitation Project (BHWRP). This week’s wildlife was an injured fawn from the Mason City area.

vet checking injured fawn

Dr. Cherney, Tammy Wood, and Terese Evans assess this injured fawn.

This poor deer, just a few months old, was caught in a fence overnight. Some neighbors heard his cries and called local officials who helped free him. They turned the fawn over to Tammy Wood, a wildlife rehabber from Rudd, Iowa. Tammy connected with Terese Evans from BHWRP and they brought him to Dr. Cherney for evaluation.


Fortunately, Dr. Cherney found nothing broken. The fawn was dehydrated and had some minor cuts and bruises.

She gave him fluids and some high calorie “goo” (nutritional supplement that looks like vasoline) to get him going again. She cleaned up his wounds and gave a thumbs up for prognosis.

Hold on for Deer Lifefawn released into woods

Next stop was to consult, Linda Nebbe. Linda, also with BHWRP, is the “deer guru” from many years of experience caring for fawns. The rehabbers decided he’d do best by going back to where he was found. He was in decent condition and old enough to be on his own for a short period until his mother came back.

Rehabbers returned the fawn to his home area and he scampered off towards the woods. The group saw rustling in the brush where he disappeared. This was likely to be his mom waiting for him.

We Are Simply Doe-Eyed

fawnEveryone involved loves a happy ending like this. We assume his mom is relieved and is giving him a stern-but-loving lecture on what happens when you wander off alone.

We are constantly amazed at what comes through our doors. When we take a step back, we are humbled by the people.

Near and Deer to our Hearts

Wildlife rehabbers are all volunteer. They devote tremendous time, energy, and money helping out creatures who would otherwise suffer and perhaps not survive.

We say thank you for your work and devotion. We hope this little deer knows how lucky he is to have a second chance. You are phenomenal people doing tremendous work.