Our Top 20 Dog Names

Naming Your Dog

Does it matter what you name your dog? Your dog may or may not have an opinion, but here are a few things to consider before naming your dog.

  • You will say this name many times over the 10-15 years of your dog’s life. You will say it in public as well. It might be cute to name your dog “Dog” or “Boy”, but think about that after the 25,000 time you’ve said it. Or the fact you will have 13 other dogs following you at the dog park.
  • Don’t pick a name that will be similar to or rhyme with training commands like sit, stay, down or come (e.g., reconsider Sitka, Stacy, Brownie or Cucumber).
  • Shorter names (1 or 2 syllables) are often easier to learn and say. While Sir Beaglesworth of Houndington has a regal sound, try yelling that in your yard. Your neighbors might not find it entertaining.
  • Say it out loud. Does it fit with your dog’s personality? Breed? How will you feel in 10 years from now?

Name Inspiration

Interestingly, we had no Tom, Jerry or Lori! We know they’d be honored. We seem to have a sports theme throughout our dogs:  Wrigley, Cubbie, Yankee, Kinnick, Hawkeye, Cyclone, Lambeau, Jeter, and Butkus to name more than a few. We have 5 Snoopys (not all beagles), 2 dogs named Kitty, but only one Elvis.

There can be only one Elvis.

Here are our top dog names from our records (no pun intended).

DHVH Top 20 dog names