New Online Pharmacy

Online Pharmacy 101

You can order just about anything online these days. Now add your pet’s medicine and food to that list with our new online pharmacy!

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We are pleased to be partners with Vets First Choice, a leading veterinarian-only online pharmacy. Vets First Choice is a company we trust. They offer the same products you would get from us in person, with the same guarantees we offer.

The big bonus? They sell pet food, both prescription and over-the-counter varieties so you can have your pet’s food shipped right to your door when you need! No more running low and racing to our clinic before we close!

How It Works

Simply sign up for an account online. Here’s the website: There is also a link on our web home page as well.

Signing up is standard fare. Let us know if you are stuck.

Once you have your account, you can request to have your pet’s medicine or food filled online. This will send us a notice that we have to approve (it is a prescription after all), and once approved, you simply order, pay online, and wait for it to arrive!

You also can get pretty decent online coupons via email if you choose. The promotions vary each month, but $5 or $10 here and there helps!

Our Tip? Autoship!


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One feature we are excited about is autoshipping. You control the when, what, and where. And you can stop the process at any time.

If your pet is taking same medicine every month (e.g., thyroid, allergy, heart meds), you might benefit from getting an autoship set up to automatically ship out the prescription at whatever interval you select. You will get an email about 7-10 days before the product ships just to remind you in case something has changed and you need to adjust.

Autoship Pet Food And Save

Vets First Choice has some great deals when you sign up for autoshipping for your pet’s food. Not only will you get free shipping, but you can save up to 15{cc651acb8fd21d18461bab90e3951e117ad976e0f5f2bec6fa2ec763fee94208} on some diets.

If you aren’t sure how much your pet eats in one month (you aren’t alone!), let us help you. One general rule of thumb is your pet (either cat or dog) will eat half his body weight in food in one month. If you have a 20 pound dog, he will eat roughly 10 pounds of dog food in one month.

Remember, with autoshipping, you control the when, what, and where. Adjust your food delivery easily so you don’t end up with too much or not enough.

Get Started Today

What are you waiting for? Sign up for your free account today and start saving time—and money!

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