wildlife rehab

Spring Baby Shower for Wildlife and Rescue Groups

Springtime Means Baby Time Mother nature does her best work each spring. Beautiful flowers, trees of green, and batch after batch of brand new critters. Be it squirrels, bunnies, ducklings, or kittens, new litters mean there is no shortage of work for wildlife rehab groups and pet rescues. Black Hawk Wildlife Rehabilitation Group and Last…

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A Pelican Drops By to Say Hello

  Injured Pelican A pelican was caught in duck decoy wires in the waters around the Quaker Oats plant in Cedar Rapids. Hunters were able to cut him out of the lines and off he flew. When the men noticed he was still in the decoy area several weeks later, they investigated. The pelican still…

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Feeding the Pigeons

Meet Squabby. He (she?) is a baby pigeon found on the floor of a large warehouse. A Good Samaritan employee called Black Hawk Wildlife Rehabilitation Project and now the pigeon is in the safe hands of a licensed wildlife rehabber. Squabby is about 2 weeks old and doing quite well. He eats a special diet…

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