Toxic Foods and Household Hazards: What You Need to Know

This chart below highlights a few toxic foods you might not realize are bad for your dog (and many of these go for cats as well). We know the graphic doesn’t share “how much” and “how bad” and the reason for that is–it depends.

How much did your pet eat, how much does your pet weigh, and other factors need to be reviewed. Bottom line: If your pet has eaten one of these offending foods, give us a call. We can help determine what the next steps should be. In some cases it may just be mild stomach upset, but in more severe cases, your pet may need medical treatment.

A phone call is all it takes for peace of mind.

toxic foods

Dangerous foods for your dog. Graphic by Lili Chin at Doggie Drawings.

We also know pets, and as luck usually has it, they tend to eat these toxic foods or other poisons after our regular office hours.  Keep in mind, we do have a doctor on call for our clients, 24/7.  If you are a client, just call our regular office number (319-232-5292) after hours and the emergency service will connect you with our doctor on call.

Time is important in many of these cases, so please call with your questions on toxic foods or other poisons, even if it is outside of regular business hours.


This handout offers a solid review of many toxic foods and other household hazards: Household Hazards and your Pet

Ideas on what to do to poison proof your home can be found here: Poison Proof Your Home

This is a resource for What to do if your pet is poisoned, but we strongly recommend calling us immediately, even if it is after hours.

If you liked the graphic, visit by Lili Chin for some really cute stuff (and she has some great educational resources as well)!