What Does a Vet Tech Do?


We’d like to share with you what it means to be a Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT). Get the scoop from our 4 talented CVTs.

vet techs at Den Herder Vet

Education and Training

Each of our CVTs attended an accredited two-year program for technical training in the field. CVTs have to be knowledgeable in so many areas from checking for parasites under a microscope to taking an x-ray to placing an IV to putting an animal under anesthesia. And that is just the first 15 minutes of their day! In addition to coursework, they complete hands-on training in a clinic setting (where the real fun begins). To hold the “certified” designation, a vet tech must pass either a state or national board exam. We are proud that all 4 of our technicians are certified!

These professionals really can do it all. Most of it is behind the scenes, done flawlessly without fanfare. Their work can be messy, smelly, and dangerous not to mention the day-to-day technical, physical, and emotional challenges. But, if you asked them, they would tell you they have the best jobs in the world. Their love of animals and people runs so deep that they don’t notice the bad stuff most days.

What Have They Learned?

Tracy helping give fluids to a cat

All of our CVTs mentioned they got into the field because they love animals and people. In reflecting back on their choice of profession, they still have the same love that got them started, but their respect for pets and owners has grown over the years. The power of the human-animal bond, the power to heal, and the feeling of pride that comes from helping others keeps our CVTs going each day.

They quickly learned “nothing goes how the book tells you” (we imagine many of you can relate to that)! The hardest lesson they have learned is that we cannot fix everything or save everyone.

What Excites Our CVTs?

Vet Tech excited to see her dog

  • Drawing blood, helping in surgery, and the challenge of placing an IV catheter (in a wriggly pet who may not appreciate our help!)
  • The meaningful moments are when you put your knowledge to work and that work is appreciated by the DVMs, staff, or a client. I know I made a difference then. The teeth cleans are really great, too!
  • The new technology is exciting. I love how we can improve the quality of life for our patients through new or improved products and procedures.
  • I love the team work that goes into helping our clients and their pets. Any day where we can help or save a life is amazing.

Thinking about Becoming a Vet Tech?

Something you may not realize about being a vet tech is they spend most of their time with people, not pets. As a tech, you are answering questions, showing owners how to do something, or just holding a hand during that final goodbye. With our CVTs, their genuine love for people doesn’t come from a textbook–it comes from the heart.

We asked them if they had any advice for a person thinking of becoming a vet tech.

Be prepared to see blood, parasites, and fleas. And to not be scared of cats.

Hang on tight—it is an amazing adventure!

Follow your heart and find a hospital where your hard work and skills are appreciated.

The job is more than just playing with puppies and kitties all day long. You have to have a solid work ethic, the ability to problem solve, and take initiative.

Thanks to Our Certified Veterinary Technicians!

Here’s a funny look at why everyone needs to thank CVTs for what they do each and every day!