Specialty Surgery

How To Schedule Surgery

We do surgery Monday-Friday mornings. We handle emergencies immediately regardless of day or time. If we are not able to proceed with an emergency surgery, we will help you through your options. Most often we will refer you to Iowa State or the Eastern Iowa Veterinary Specialty Center in Cedar Rapids.

What Surgery Do We Perform?

  • Routine: Spay, Neuter
  • Orthopedic: Fracture Surgery (Bone Plating, Pinning and Wiring), Joint Surgery for Ruptured ACL, Corrective Surgery for Hip Dysplasia, Treatment and Surgery for Lameness
  • General: Surgery of the Liver, Spleen, Pancreas, GI Tract and Bladder
  • Specialty: Cancer and Tumor Removal, Reconstructive Surgery, Trauma Surgery (Physical Injuries of All Kinds)

We offer several specialty surgeries including Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO) for ruptured Anterior Cruciate Ligaments (ACL). This procedure has been long regarded as one of the best to aid in knee stability and quality of life for your active dog. Until recently, this procedure was only offered at referral hospitals such as Iowa State Veterinary Teaching Hospital or Blue Pearl Referral Center in Des Moines. We also offer traditional ACL repair with the extracapsular technique, depending on your dog’s age and size.