Jerry Den Herder, DVM

Den Herder Veterinary Hospital was founded by Dr. Jerry Den Herder in 1985. Jerry based his daily life on service and caring for all people and the patients they brought through the front door, as well as the wonderful staff he built over the years. His care and compassion were a constant model for the people he surrounded himself with. A selfless leader, who never stopped working. He was always “on,” whether it be at work, the grocery store, church, or a walk through his neighborhood. This work ethic and doing it the right way, is still a constant guide to the many people he mentored and trained throughout his wonderful career as the best veterinarian in the Cedar Valley, for decades.

Jerry has since retired after surviving a hemorrhagic stroke in December of 2016. In typical fashion, Jerry put in the work, and he has since made nearly a 100% recovery. Jerry is now enjoying spending time watching his grandkids grow up, travelling, and spending time at Lake Pepin watching the sunrise.

We are still fortunate to see Jerry, nearly weekly, and will continue to extract knowledge, wisdom, and guidance as we hope to carry on his legacy of doing things the right way through service and care.