Mandy Taylor

Practice Manager

On paper I’m called the practice manager.  In my heart and what I ask the staff to call me is “mom.”  I’m the office mom.  I spend most of my time checking on and managing our growing staff of 40+.  I’m lucky in that we have a tremendous team of leaders & managers to handle the day to day which allows me to focus on procedures, meetings, paperwork, staffing issues and just relationships in general.  

My bachelor’s degree is not in vet med or office management .  But, I was born bossy (some would call it a leader) and have been immersed in vet medicine from being married to Dr. Tom for 21 years.  I prefer to stay behind the scenes and enjoy celebrating others.  I, also, like to distract the staff and encourage people into taking well deserved time off.  Some of my favorite times with the staff has been helping clients and friends after the derecho in 2020 and sneaking around town handing out new client treats.  

 When I’m not travelling, I can usually be found running to and from an overpacked schedule that includes helping the office and keeping our 3 kids, 4 dogs, 1 cat, 1 fish and a snail happy.