Savannah Brown, Our Groomer

Started at Den Herder Vet: I started Den Herder in 2011 as Kennel Staff! I did leave to pursue grooming and now I’m back!

Where are you from: I was raised in a small town, La Porte City. Go Knights!

Past Pets: Oh geesh! Two green iguanas (the reason we started coming to Den Herders when I was really little) mice, a gerbil, newts, fish, frogs, cats, guinea pigs, and ferrets, a black lab/border collie grandpa (Cookie), and a bearded dragon (Ben).

Current Pets: Two cats (Sonny & Whitney), Brandy Beanz

One Piece of Pet Related Advice: Letting go is hard to do, take your time grieving, but remember there is another little soul waiting out there for you to find them.

Afraid of any animals? I don’t think I’m afraid of many. I try to have respect for animal’s space. Some bugs might make me squeal. ;p

The farthest away from Waterloo I’ve ever been? California

What do you do for the DHVH Team?
As a Pet Stylist at Den Herder I help manage your pet’s person hygiene and well being. Check out my work in the pics below!

What’s something about yourself that might surprise others?
I listen to a wide range of music. From Patsy Cline, Marilyn Manson, Alan Jackson, to Bob Dylan. What’s something new you’ve learned recently?
On our trip to Louisiana I learned about their burial systems with their above ground tombs.