Tracey Boyle, LVT

Started at Den Herder Vet: 1992

Where I’m From: Cedar Falls

Family: Husband- Joe, Daughter- Samantha, Son- Benjamin

Past Pets:  Dogs: Liberty, Jade, Seurat, Maggie, Jenni, Toby – Rabbit: Jack Jack- Rat: Raisin- Birds: doves, finches

Current Pets: Dogs: Henry, Theo, Masin

One piece of pet advice: Know what your breed was designed to do, what tasks do they excel at, it will help you understand quirks, behaviors and manners.

Afraid of any animals? I respect the multiple weapons utilized by an adult Iguana.

What’s the farthest away from Waterloo you’ve ever been? Hawaii

What do you do for the DHVH team?
Certified Veterinary Technician. Customer service, assist doctors, surgical assistant, anesthesia, radiology, groomer, IV catheters, blood draws, behavior.

Any pet challenges at home?
Having enough hands to pet three dogs at the same time.

Craziest or most unusual thing you’ve seen on the job?
The wildlife and exotics are almost always the most unusual and craziest part of the day.

What’s something about yourself that might surprise others?
I love to drive a stick shift!

What’s something new you have learned recently?
Never stop being amazed or surprised!!