A Christmas Note for 2018

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of our friends and wonderful clients!

Another year has come and gone for all of us as we sit back and reflect on 2018 and anticipate 2019. In July (on my birthday), we started digging a giant hole in an old cornfield that will soon become the new location of Den Herder Veterinary Hospital! I am so thankful for all of your support through this transition. It’s fun to see our clients just as excited as we are as we watch our new space grow.

Some of the highlights of the building include 7 exam rooms, a grieving room (with a private exit into a memorial garden), indoor-outdoor runs for our kennels, a fenced in play area during supervised play time, a 2-table surgery suite, a dedicated dental room, and ……… A BREAK ROOM!! Sometimes, it’s the little things.

While our facilities will be new, we know a building doesn’t make a business. The relationship we have with you and your pets is what drives us. It is and always will be our focus. That will never change.

We are anticipating a move in late March. We will be located at 4041 Hurst Drive (next to Kimball and Beecher dentists in Tower Park) not far from where we are now. We’ll keep you posted as we get closer.

It’s been 2 years on December 8th that Jerry Den Herder has not been a daily fixture in our office. I love that we are still asked daily how he is. I’m happy to report that Jerry is doing great! He mastered his physical rehab and regained his driver’s license. He spends his days at the gym and meeting with several small groups of friends as they discuss faith, politics, kids, and everything in between.

Occasionally he will pop in early, during my morning office time. I love these moments where I can extract more knowledge and wisdom from him. He has been, and still continues to be, one of the best mentors anyone could ask for. I’m forever grateful.

This time of year makes me reflect on some of the wonderful successes we’ve had as well as the emotional goodbyes.

I think of the 3 pound puppy that got to go home after a 3 week battle with Leptospirosis and see his 4th grade buddy again. I remember the best German Shepard that was given the world in the 3 short months he had after a fateful terminal diagnosis. I think of the countless socks, balls, and bones that we hunted for inside a Beagle or Goldendoodle. Turns out, there are many spots to hide a sock!

Ultimately, I think of the wonderful opportunities we have on a daily basis to meet the best the Cedar Valley has to offer. The connections we all have in this incredible community make it seem like such a small world! Your trust in us and your willingness to let us take care of your best friends is humbling. This trust does not go unnoticed and we thank you for that.

On behalf of all of us a Den Herder Vet, I hope you have a fun, safe, and spectacular year!

Tom Taylor, DVM
Owner, Den Herder Veterinary Hospital

Den Herder Vet Hospital Staff

From our Groundbreaking this summer.