giving back

Giving Back


Our clinic is grateful for Dr. Lori Cherney’s role as the volunteer veterinarian for the Black Hawk Wildlife Rehabilitation Project. She has spent decades helping all creatures great and small.

She volunteers her time and expertise just about every day she is in the clinic. Wildlife rehab volunteers drop off injured wildlife for her to look over and determine a prognosis. In between seeing dogs, cats, or other exotics, she will take a peek to see the extent of injuries and what the future might look like.

Sometimes the wildlife just need minor repairs, fluids, or an antibiotic. Those critters then recover in the care of trained rehabbers and ultimately are taken back into the wild to live out their lives.

We also have a trained wildlife rehabber on our staff in Rachel Shadle. Rachel will help nurse baby squirrels, opossums, rabbits, and birds back to health and help them grow if they have lost their mom.

This is a time consuming process with some creatures needing to eat every few hours around the clock. It’s always fun when Rachel brings her volunteering to work with her. You never know what is on a heating pad in a small cage under her desk.

Pet Rescue and Adoption Groups

Our clinic has good working relationships with several of the animal rescue groups in the area. We are happy to help the Cedar Bend Humane Society with pet care needs if their staff veterinarians aren’t free.

We also see quite a few cats and some dogs from both Waverly Pet Rescue and Last Hope Animal Rescue. We’ve helped Critter Crusaders with treating several of their heartworm positive dogs.

Educational Outreach

We love to visit classrooms. Being able to share our knowledge of pets, pet care, and being safe around pets is a great side gig to our day jobs. And bringing along a furry or scaled friend for show and tell doesn’t hurt either. (We know they aren’t really that excited for the humans when we bring friends along.)

We may talk about what it means to be a responsible pet owner or how to properly pet a dog or approach a dog you may not know. Sharing our love and respect for animals is a terrific field trip for us.

You never know what bright, young face in the room might be the next veterinarian on our staff!

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