Feeding the Pigeons

Meet Squabby. He (she?) is a baby pigeon found on the floor of a large warehouse. A Good Samaritan employee called Black Hawk Wildlife Rehabilitation Project and now the pigeon is in the safe hands of a licensed wildlife rehabber.

Squabby is about 2 weeks old and doing quite well. He eats a special diet for young birds about every 6 hours. As the video shows (see below), he loves to eat! And he gets a bit messy in the process!messy baby pigeon

If you are wondering about the blue wrap around his chest, this is a “Crop Bra.” Yes, this is what it is called.

Stop giggling.

baby pigeon with crop bra

Sometimes the crop can get too full and then will sag. This “bra” supports the crop so it will drain easier and more fully into the proventriculus.

He won’t have to wear it very long, but we thought the sparkling blue color went with his eyes.

Really, we aren’t making any of this up.

Rehabbers will find a safe area with other pigeons when the time comes to release him.

Anyone know why we chose the name Squabby? You can learn why here along with 21 amazing facts about pigeons!

Feeding the Pigeons