What Mammals Have the Best Sense of Smell?

The answers aren’t exactly as plain as the nose on your face. If you think you smell a rat here, think again–they’d smell you first.

In a 2014 study at the University of Toyko, researchers classified the olfactory receptor (OR) genes in 13 mammals. The more functional olfactory receptor (OR) genes you have, the better the sense of smell you possess.

And the Award for Best Nose Goes to…

1. African Elephant: with 1948 OR genes

2. Rat: 1207

3. Cow: 1186

4. Horse: 1066

5. Dog: 811

Humans were 9th on their list with 396 OR genes. Before you get your nose out of joint, we did edge out Chimpanzees who have 380 OR genes.

If you didn’t guess correctly, don’t worry. We won’t rub your nose in it.