pet nutrition

How Much Does Your Pet Eat?

Here’s A Handy Formula The rule of thumb for how much food your pet will eat in a month is: 1/2 its body weight Examples A 20 pound dog = 10 pounds of food each month. And 120 pounds in a year. A 10 pound cat = 5 pounds of food each month. And 60…

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Don’t Get Ripped Off In The Pet Food Aisle

Pet food is expensive. Understatement of the century, right? But what are you spending your money on? Marketing hype or truly good nutrition for your pet? Before you buy another bag of dog or cat food, understand these pet food definitions. Be Objective Companies trying to sell a product know us better than we know…

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Pet Food and Nutrition

Pet Food and Nutrition Talking about pet food and nutrition is like opening up a can of worms. Just because the topic is difficult or has uncomfortable answers doesn’t mean we should ignore it. On the contrary–we need to have a continual conversation–pet owner to veterinarian and vet to owner. Your pet is welcome to…

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