Look What We Have Here!

What Do You Think This Is?



Some other rodent-like thing that will dig up your garden?



Interesting fact, the groundhog of shadow seeking fame and the woodchuck of wood chucking fame are the same critter! They are also known as whistle pigs (our guy has more of a cry than a whistle) or monax (the Native American name for “digger”).

So whether you went with Chuck or Phil, all of you are winners! (Sorry, this isn’t Oprah, so no cars for you and you and you!)

Is He Okay?

A family was humanely trapping woodchucks, got one, and removed it safely from their property. (As the Native American name suggests, they can dig. A lot!)

After doing this, they then saw a smaller woodchuck (this guy) wandering around. They realized they had trapped and removed the mother. Not wanting to harm any of them, they called Black Hawk Wildlife Rehabilitation Project to see if someone could care for the young.

Enter Rachel, one of our licensed rehabbers.

The family was able to trap him safely and Rachel will foster him until he can be released into the wild again. He is uninjured, but a little dehydrated. We are doing vitamins and fluids and rest for a bit and he should be good to go.

What Do You Call a Baby Woodchuck?

A Chuckling.

Bonus Trivia, you’re welcome.

More trivia? Here you go.

Friendly Reminder

We realize some wildlife can do damage to yards and gardens. We appreciate those who use humane “live traps” to catch unwanted visitors and safely move them to another area. The one thing to watch for is the timing.

Spring means lots of wildlife babies. Avoid trapping adults during this time of the year in case you are taking the mom away from her young.

[Cue traumatic childhood memories from watching Bambi.]