Started at Den Herder Vet: 2009
Where I’m From: Waterloo, Iowa
Family: I’ve been married to my husband, Mike, for 11 years. We have FOUR boys, which makes me way outnumbered in our home. We have a Boxer, Apollo (another boy!) and a cat, Chloe.
Past Pets: I was bit by an animal when I was 2 and that made me deathly afraid of anything with fur! My parents’ solution was to get us a dog. Best decision ever! Growing up one of my best friends was my Cocker Spaniel, Madison. I’ve always had a dog or two in our family. Together Mike and I had our first Boxer Tucker. He truly was an amazing “kid”. We still miss him dearly and was the reason we will probably always be a Boxer family.
Current Pets: Apollo is our Boxer who is 4. Yay, we are finally past the puppy stage! Just kidding, Boxers never leave that stage. Our home is also filled with the grumpy Chloe. Chloe is 13 years old and is full of opinions. We love her so but in her old age she enjoys napping in the sun and telling the boys in the house what to do.

One piece of pet advice: Our boxer Tucker had some heart problems. My husband saved his life twice by performing CPR on him when his heart stopped. Knowing CPR can save a life. We were able to spend an extra year and a half with Tucker because of my husbands actions and the care Tucker received at Den Herders.
Afraid of any animals? Alligators. I had recurring nightmares when I was a child that involved an alligator. So it’s safe to say we won’t ever be moving south/southeast.
What’s the farthest away from Waterloo you’ve ever been? Seattle, Washington.

What do you do for the DHVH team?
I’m a Veterinarian Assistant and Resident Photographer (I just made that title up). I love taking photographs of the Den Herder Team and proud that most of the pics on the website are mine! People and animals both bring me so much joy so being able to photograph both is a dream. I assist the doctors and technicians holding animals for their exams and running tests in our lab. I also answer phones and assist in the lobby when needed.

Any pet challenges at home?
Keeping Apollo away from the baby wipes is a challenge. He enjoys eating them right out of the container. He has even learned how to open the top to get them.

Craziest or most unusual thing you’ve seen on the job?
Most memorable was a dog that had gotten in a scuffle with a porcupine. He had quills in his mouth and all over his muzzle. That is something my dog would do.

What’s something about yourself that might surprise others?
Work is my getaway. I spend most of my time home with my kids and look forward to the hours I get to be with all my work family!

What’s something new you have learned recently?
I’ve learned the value of time and family. I want to spend my days with people and animals I love and who make me happy. Coffee and friends are both amazing and even better when enjoyed together! I’ve also learned how to better myself, family, and home using more natural products.