Todd Boggs


Front Desk/Receptionist/CSR

Started: 2021

Where I’m from: Beaver, PA

Family: I share my home with my partner of 11 years, Damon, without whom I would not be involved with veterinary care. My aunt, Julie, moved from Pennsylvania to live with us. Then there are my five wonderful cats that are the heart and soul of my house. My parents still live in my hometown of Beaver, PA.

Furthest I’ve been from Waterloo: It depends on which direction you go, so it’s either Seoul, South Korea, or Cairo, Egypt.

Current Pets: I have two fluffy Siberian Forest Cats, Anastas and Kaz, along with three rescued kitties, Jax, Persephone, and Mr. Swirls.

What’s something about yourself that might surprise others: I attended seminary for 3 years at Harvard Divinity School and Boston University School of Theology.

One piece of pet advice: Let go of your expectations of what you want your cats to be and let them be who they are.