Started at Den Herder Vet: 2004

Where I’m From: Originally from Arlington IA, currently live in Jesup

Family: Husband Matt (married in 2006) daughters Isabelle and Charlotte, and son Noah

Past Pets: Britney a basset hound, Cosmo a cat

Current Pets: Piper a golden retriever

One piece of pet advice: Be sure your lifestyle fits with the type of pet you are choosing

Afraid of any animals? Big birds like cockatoos and macaws. Those beaks can crush your fingers!

What’s the farthest away from Waterloo you’ve ever been? Jamaica on our honeymoon, still waiting to go back!

What do you do for the DHVH team?
Registered Veterinary Technician (Animal nurse)

Any pet challenges at home?
Not at the moment. Piper loves to chew and eat the kids toys, still waiting for her foreign body!

Craziest or most unusual thing you’ve seen on the job?
All of the foreign bodies. Toys, underwear, socks, rocks, corn cobs, etc!

What’s something about yourself that might surprise others?
I LOVE the hallmark channel, especially at Christmas!

What’s something new you have learned recently?
“You define you” I’m trying to live by this motto.